Milan Design Week


The Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle is going to be exhibiting an unusual topic at this annual Milan Design Week from the 4. to 9. of April. Instead of showing design objects the interior architecture and industrial design students decided to showcase a way of dealing with borders:

„mental, national, geographical or social. We‘re surrounded by them. This puts us in a difficult position. How do we discuss a topic, which constantly poses questions we can‘t answer?
In an experiment with the title „How do we deal with this?“ we‘re attempting the impossible. In the form of an institution or practice, hidden behind barbed wire, we try to investigate our visitors „medical history“ with borders through a questionnaire – with the promise of a cure. A healthy dose of utopia is administered in the shape of a tiny pill, seemingly opening up the possibility of a limitless world.“

Stickers with the hashtag #howdowedealwiththis? are going to be spread and placed all over Milan, to refer to the groups own Instagram channel dealing with the subject.

#howdowedealwiththis? #burghalle

Ventura Lambrate
Via Privata Oslavia 1
LOCATION 17, Mailand

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Participating students

Interior Architecture
Annika Keppler, Lorenz Kusching, Robert Hahn, Leonard Ziemer, Valentina Schneider, Leonie Schima, Ruben Lagies, Tobias Behley, Bianca Voigt, Emilie Pohling, Anna Rüffert

Industrial Design
Tobias Rell, Miriam Treml, Monika Hoffmann, Seba Segovia, Michael Schuchort, Ruben Strahl, Jakob Müller, Nikolaus Donner, Anna Herbert, Amelie Ikas, Franz Rother

Maria Taglabue, Michael Ercolani, Gabriele Bellan

This project is supported by
Burg gestaltet! Qualitätspakt Lehre


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