Dutch Design Week

Immaterial — Ultramaterial
This year’s exhibition is all about demonstrating the diversity and bandwidth of our university. Young graduates and students have been dedicating their time to rethinking manufacturing processes such as extruding, knitting and 3D printing, resulting in highly tangible (ultramaterial) products. Meanwhile, immaterial ideas and beliefs have been translated into thought-provoking installations to reflect and discuss societal issues. By bringing together the upper and lower extremities of materiality, we capture the creative spectrum of what is happening in the hands and minds of our dedicated students.

201810_ddw_zeitung_coverVreni Knödler

Title: Immaterial — Ultramaterial
Curator: Prof. Aart van Bezooijen
Exhibition Design: Robert Haslbeck
Graphic Design: Vreni Knödler
Editorial: Burg Press Office, Jo Dawes

Thanks to our sponsor: ThermHex Waben GmbH
(exhibition materials)