general for event imm cologne / Pure Talents 2018


Selected work by graduates and students of the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle will be exhibited this year at the imm cologne. The products and projects on display have been developed within the departments of Industrial Design, Ceramics and Glass Design, Communication Design and Furniture and Interior Design. Every year, the Burg Roadshow presents the latest works by our graduates and students at design weeks in Cologne, Eindhoven and Milan.

This year, we celebrate the (un)controllable behaviour of materials in the process of making. Burg graduates and students have been capturing and mastering various materials such as porcelain, foam, glass, ceramics, soil – even the immateriality of air and sound. With a wide range of projects we share our thoughts and practices of “Mastering the Material” which has been taking place in the laboratories and workshops of our university. As well as exhibiting inspiring products, objects and dynamic installations, we invite visitors to take part in the daily workshop.




Exhibition design: Robert Haslbeck
Graphic: Lena Windisch

Texts: Silke Janßen
“Burg Gestaltet! – Qualitätspakt Lehre”