general for event Dutch Design Week 2019

Meet the future… at the BURG in Eindhoven

Thank you for visiting us at this year’s Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Our graduates have put themselves in the big picture of human civilisation in showcasing eight hands-on experiments. Through new dialogues with animals, speculative scenarios, unstable matter and identity-seeking artworks, we offering an invitation to join us in some exciting thought experiments. You can enjoy the full project videos below and find the full press kit at

Andreas Wagner / metastable

Ina Turinsky / The Great Smog

Ezra Dilger / Anthropocene Souvenirs

Vincent Dino Zimmer / Bee Peer Economy #propertyless

Magdalena Sophie Orland / BETWEEN_SPACES

 Max Stalter / Pigeon Guano Company

Anne Martin /  Identikit

Dutch Design Week 2019
Torenallee 80, 5617 BE Eindhoven
location: Veem

press contact:
Silke Janssen
T +49 (0)345 7751-526

Burg Roadshow:

title: Meet the Future – and Fiffy the Robot
curator: Prof. Aart van Bezooijen
exhibition design: Robert Haslbeck
video editing: Stephan Retzlaff
graphic design: Vreni Knödler