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Burg On Air – As Close As We Can Get

Welcome to »Burg On Air«. Daily streams featuring artist talks, design graduates, maker stories and a bit of music will get you closer to the people and projects from that favourite place on earth we call BURG.

This year’s exhibition brings together the art and design work of recent graduates featuring tangible products, augmented realities, fashion design, photography installations, textile arts and design, crafted jewellery and new ways of manufacturing reflecting the diversity of our art and design departments.

»Burg On Air« is a podcast programme developed to turn your virtual visit into a real auditory experience. During nine days, we broadcast from the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, a place we call BURG. In times of social distancing probably as close as we can get.

Sat 17 Oct:
Burg Tour – exploring the art and design campus

Sun 18 Oct:
The Graduate Show – featuring our students final projects

Mon 19 Oct:
Lockdown Semester Recap – how to survive at home

Tue 20 Oct:
Surprise, Surprise – an audible goodie bag  

Wed 21 Oct:
Interviews with our Master Students – before, during and after the thesis

Thu 22 Oct:
Touch Me! – music for the new intimacy

Fri 23 Oct:
What about Fiffy? – visiting our BurgLabs

Sat 24 Oct:
Grassimesse – a visit at another design fair

Sun 25 Oct:
De: Bug Podcast – translated by AI

Enjoy the podcasts (Burg On Air) published daily at 9:00 am.

press contact:
Silke Janssen

Burg Roadshow:

title: Burg On Air / As Close As We Can Get

Prof. Aart van Bezooijen, Robert Haslbeck
Podcasts: Wayra Aguilar, Luka Löhner, Tim Mayer, Farid Taher
Graphic Design: Maja Redlin
Illustrations: Jakob Eskofier

This project is supported by “Burg gestaltet! Qualitätspakt Lehre”