imm cologne 2015

2015/01/19 - 2015/01/25

Köln Messe, Halle 1

Participants imm cologne 2015

Martin Patze

Foam Pit

Industrial Design

Dreams are foams, are memories from the childhood. Standing in front of the oven, while the chocolate cake climbs upwards, we feel as a miracle. Foam looks unpredictable, from the chance certainly. Besides, he is well thought out in its structure and statically overriding. From these qualities i developed residential accessories based on ceramic foam. Optically to the concrete alike, however, much more porous, the material surprises with tactile grasping by ease and charm. In a Low-Tech-procedures I outbid the borders of the foam, play with chance and qualities specific for material, with stretch and outbreak and make therefore the effervescence visible.

materialceramic foam and different materials
photo creditsMartin Patze / Jenny Linke
Leon Kucharski & Luis Kucharski


Industrial Design


materialPaper, Light
photo creditsLeon Kucharski
Lisa Antonie Schere

foldings in porcelain

Product Design & Applied Art (Porcelain, Ceramics, Glass)

Lisa Antonie Schere

Using a newly developed method of mould-making, I managed to replace the traditional plaster-core with the material Tyvek ®. Due to the foldability of this material, there are completely new possibilities to shape forms, which are difficult or even impossible to create in a conventional mould-making process. The porcelain receives an entirely new look and feel. Due to the folds, its exterior looks fragile and it acquires a particular liveliness.

materialblack and white porcelain
photo creditsLisa Antonie Scherer
Carolin Schulze

Falscher Hase / Bugs`Bunny

Industrial Design

With 10kg feedstuffs you can obtain 1kg of beef or 9kg of insect meat. Insects can feed the world. Forecasts request us to change our consumption behaviour. People of the western world are scared off by the crustaceans appearance.
The „falscher Hase“ is a morally and ecologically justifiable counter-concept which gives insect meat a new form. The concept presents a morphological study from the known image of a bunny to a grashopper, 3D-printed with mealworms.

materialmealworms, potatoes, potato flour, onion ...
photo creditsCarolin Schulze, Robert Dippel
Sepp Müller

An ode to enamel or: Enamel – rocks

Industrial Design

The project was primarily concerned with the examination of vitreous enamel material.
Fundamentally, the following questions were relevant for research and analysis: What has happened to the so called old fashioned material?Has vitreous enamel, although it has such excellent properties declined in importance?Through an intuitive experimental research process work samples and bowls have been created, which demonstrate the potential of the surface qualities of the vitreous enamel and its supporting material regarding appearance and aesthetics.

materialcopper, steel, brass, expanded metal, glass, vitroeus industrial enamel, jewelry enamel, quartz
photo creditsMichel Klehm
Fabio Vogel

Mobile Wardrobe

Industrial Design

My concept idea was the symbolic and functional transformation of a metalware industry product by testing new application contexts. For the standardized cast hook I have deliberately chosen the material porcelain to underline the combination of practical use and aesthetics.
The mobile wardrobe for temporary spaces offers flexible positioning, does not slip and is stable.Because it acts as a transitional solution and is easily transportable, it invites us for playful and imaginative use.As for the carabiner – the combination of rough and tender, simplicity and high precision is the secret of its beauty.

materialMaple, Oak (Bar), Porcelain
photo creditsFabio Vogel , Fabio Vogel
Sven Arlt & Juliane Huhn


Interior Architecture


sizeL 2000, W 1900, H 1750
materialstructure - steel tube; roof - balloon fabric, aluminum tube
photo creditsThomas Lewandowski , Thomas Lewandowski
Moritz Koch


Industrial Design

Dawn, Sun, Clouds, Night.
Paper, Talk, Screen, Work.

Depending on the task, we need to adjust the lightning. Through a little turn the mirror can be rotated and the tube can be shifted, so direction and sharpness of the light spot can be modified. With its two different surfaces, the mirror generates an either excact and clear or warm and smooth lightning.

size20 x 50 x 50 cm
materialaluminum, brass
photo creditsMagdalena Groth