imm cologne 2016

2016/01/18 - 2016/01/24

imm cologne / PURE TALENTS

Hall 4.2, B-081

Participants imm cologne 2016

Sarah Bartmann

Interstellar downslide

Plastic Arts/Ceramics

My work deals with intersections between design and art. Questions I ask myself are: is it important that good design is functional? Is art allowed to fulfill a purpose? The result is pieces that don't always meet the observer's expectations. Visual anticipations should be broken down, thereby enabling a renewed view of things.

size350 mm - 1350 mm
materialceramic, metal, glass
photo creditsAlexander Burzik, Tassilo Rüster
Hannes Fromm, Judith Faßbender, Nikolai Schilasky

Gravity- about the attraction between masses

Industrial Design

Three objects that are focussed on time, rotation and the influence of gravity. Our gravity ensemble contains of three kinetic installations-a combination of a calendar and a clock, a lamp and an abstract time-piece.The interaction of bodies caused by gravity, the movement of planets in space and the time units which evolved from that movement were inspirational for the three objects. With their function and design the objects are inducing the user and contemplator to reflect, and potentially understand,about the correlations in our planetary system.

sizecalendar - 800 x 800 x 102 mm, lamp - 2500 x 800 x 250 mm, installation - 720 x 130 x 1110 mm
materialaluminium, wire rope, rubber, acryl, glass, motors, electronic components
photo creditsJudith Faßbender, Hannes Fromm, Nikolai Schilas, Robert Haslbeck
Tobias Rell

Connecting Wood

Industrial Design

Wood is one of the oldest materials man has availed himself humans of. Since then, a number of methods for using it have been developed, up to the point of liquid wood, a bioplastic material which can be processed through injection moulding. At the heart of the work is the combination of natural wood and this bioplastic, which makes it possible to provide wooden profiles with connecting elements.

materialWood, Arboform, PP, PLA
photo creditsTobias Rell
Marcel Krummenacher

Rapid Ceramic

Product Design & Applied Art (Porcelain, Ceramics, Glass)

The outset of this project was the question how an analogue product can benefit from digital tools like the 3D printing. Following this question, the Vase “Choice” was created. An analogue contorted body builds the base of the vase. Furthermore, a digitally generated attachment is added to the base body of the vase. Through the possibility to change the diameter of the vase’s mouth optionally, the vase’s spectrum of application is extended – be it an opulent bunch of tulips or some field flowers. Additionally, the grid form of the attachment provides the fundament for various flower compositions. Choice will suit for every occasion.

size300 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm
materialPorcelain, Printed Ceramic, PLA Filament
photo creditsMarcel Krummenacher
Miriam Treml


Industrial Design

Baking a porcelain work piece causes a decrease of the form of about 15 percent. To get the desired size in the end, you have to bear in mind the characteristics of the material. With “Impair” I tried to take advantage of exactly that. Therefore, it is possible to bake various components “into another” due to the reduction of their size. By this procedure, I was able to produce a ball joint.To get the accurate size, section and shape I charged and built each of the cores digitally and then 3D-printed them. First of all, the inner parts of the cores are baked and thereafter fit into the casing of the outer parts as a result of the seize-reduction. Afterwards, everything is baked altogether so

sizelengths 200-300 mm, diameter of one chain link 30 mm
materialsoft porcelain, stainless steel
photo creditsMiriam Treml