Dutch Design Week 2018

Immaterial – Ultramaterial

2018/10/20 - 2018/10/28

Torenallee 80
5617BE Eindhoven

Participants Dutch Design Week 2018

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Carolina Volz

In dem Fleck an der Wand (in the Spot on the Wall)


Not only are we changing, the things around us also do. They change because we use them or work on them.
I am interested in the traces that arise from these interactions. Traces are always left unintentionally, which is why
they exude a special lightness for me. Since they are interruptions of orders, one can see the action memorized in the material. By transforming them into jewellery, their meaning changes and overlooked phenomena come into focus.
This can lead to a new perspective on traces and our relationship to objects.

sizeLavori in corso 2018 / Brooch / 84 x 94 x 8 mm
32 Tage blau machen 2018 / Necklace / 47 x 47 x 60 mm
Necklace / 100 x 100 x 8 mm
das Gelbe 2018 / Brooch / 25 x 25 x 10 mm
Necklace / 62 x 93 x 7 mm
Necklace / 120 x 190 x 10 mm
Toll auf dunklen Materialien 2018 / Necklace / 183 x 183 x 1 mm
materialcorian, paint, silver, fiberboard, glass, pigment, steel, found objects, glass, copper, nickel silver, wood
photo creditsCarolin Volz
Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez


Industrial Design

The project is based on the search for a new cosmopolitan identity as well as respect and acceptance of diversity in modern, global society. Nobody wants to be categorized negatively, stigmatized and therefore rejected because of his foreign descent.
"GEGEN-STAND" (which means OBJECT in German but also can be literary translated to RESISTANCE) critically deals with xenophobia and racism by means of satire, sarcasm and irony. Four objects and their functions illustrate the absurdity of discrimination.

Teil A: 500 x 680 x 720 mm
Teil B: 270 x 200 x 100 mm
Videoveritas: 260 x 260 x 180 mm
Rassistektor: 235 x 90 x 35 mm
Egoreflektor: 130 x 95 x 15 mm
materialpolycarbonat, polypropylen, acryl, ash wood, PVC, felt, neopren, rubber
photo creditsRobert Gühne
Jantje Almstedt

Schlamaps (Part of the Diploma Schichilitz)

Art/ Ceramics

Schlamaps is a new product fresh imported from Schichilitz and now available! Schlamaps is handy,
useful, joyful, ergonomic, beautyful, prestigious, delicious, fresh, hip and trendy!
Schlamaps is all you need in one.
Lucky one who owns Schlamaps: Schlamaps is useful in all circumstances and occasions.
If you own Schlamaps you need nothing more... exept more Schlamaps!
Schlamaps helps you in your daily life and makes you a man/woman of note.
Schlamaps makes you happy.
Everybody needs Schlamaps. You need Schlamaps.

size30 x 15 x 3 mm, 30 x 30 x 8 mm
materialceramics, plastic
photo creditsJantje Almstedt, Martin Nielebock
Jonas Duteloff


Industrial Design

Laser engravers and CNC mills already work with rotary axis. Why not for 3D printers? The most important difference is, that 3d-printing is an additive process and there’s a need for a starting point. In the case of the 3D-Rotoprinter this is a regularly 3D printed cylinder. So the user benefits of the biggest possible diversity of sizes, forms and the design of the middle hole. The rotary layer direction makes more stabile parts with less support possible which also saves printing time.

size120 x 220 mm
materialaluminium, stainless steel, MDF, PLA, electronics
photo creditsJonas Duteloff
Julia Kleeblatt

It’s all about socks

Conceptual Fashion Design

The sock, an item in between seductive nylon stockings and warm woolen socks.
The sock as an embodiment of fundamental handcraft as well as of industrial production is the starting point of this collection. The sock wanders, heels slip out of place from the feet to knees, elbows, the belly, the body. It gets taken apart, is scaled and exaggerated.
Ribs serve as prints, systematic errors are welcomed, irritation is celebrated. A plea in
form of knits and color, to appreciate handcraft and handwork without romanticisation.

Thanks to Marita Bartelett from Ecological Textiles, Gebrüder Otto Garne and
Seehawer und Siebert for the yarns!

sizeone size fits all
materialwool, cotton, himalaya nettle; used nylons
photo creditsMagali Fuhs-Balster
Lil Petersen


Textile Design

The project "firefighters" shows a study about the fire department in Halle/Saale and serves as a basis for a flag design in which individual elements of the study were taken up and joined together. The textiles are a collection of research and refer to impressions, experiences, typical structures, striking colours and forms of the fire department.
The flag is intended to symbolise the diversity of the fire department, as well as the community and trust.

size1200 x 900 mm
materialcotton, wool, nylon, reflector tape, aluminum
photo creditsLil Petersen
Mathis Hosemann

Blind faith

Industrial Design

As more machines surrounding us in our daily lives become most efficient and defect less, they lack the emotional access we are dependent on. This socio emphatic effect we need to interact with beings, computers and other machines included, has evolved over thousand of years.
Religions gave us the rules and restraints to establish a society.
Instead of having a moral obligation the computer pre-calculates every step
he makes. But is a ethical machine imaginable?
This algorithm synthetically generates religions by combining already existing religions with the different concepts of a machine. Simultaneously it executes a freshly generated prayer, data for a three-dimensional idol and consequently a ritual.

size2500 x 1000 mm
materiallaptop, label printer, styrofoam, labels
photo creditsLinda Schäffler
Max Stalter

150 Wooden Shoes

Industrial Design

A shoe is more than just a product. It creates identity, embodies traditions and rituals, is a tool for resistance and sabotage. Many of these characteristics are united in the wooden shoe. The wooden shoe has symbolic power. "150 Wooden Shoes" are examples of how an archetypal object can be manipulated in order to reflect on the world we live in. The wooden shoe respectively the shoe as a metaphor for society, work, politics, fashion(industry) and advertising.

size300 x 120 x 90 mm
materialwood, fabric, concrete, paper
photo creditsMax Stalter
Robert Hahn

This Is Not A Vase


In industry extrusion processes have to be efficient and accurate. This method is used to make the same elements over and over. „This Is Not A Vase“ is a material-experiment focused on extruded clay. The self-made piston extruder and specially lasered dies transform the process to an individual handicraft. Errors are admitted, even more consciously created. The resulting objects impress with their aesthetic which let you only vaguely remember standard parts and efficiency.

sizedifferent sizes
materialclay, glazed
photo creditsRobert Hahn
Jakob Mueller & Tobias Rell

Rotor 3D

Industrial Design

Is a perception of time an Illusion?
It can be observed as an indefinite event continuum, the 4th dimension, or en exestetiall passage. Nevertheless the perception of its duration seems to be modulated by our own experiences, which makes it subjective and potentially malleable. ROTOR 3D is questioning a common time and space structure as well as a human existence within those fundamental world dimensions. The Metaphysical interactive installation starts with the primal viewpoint of a static 2 dimensional picture of present time, reflecting run of clock arrows. Moving step aside, the viewer will open a flow of various moments/points of time in the scale of the future, past and its own present. ROTOR 3D encourage you to experience being beyond the time, in and with it in space projection.


size1600 x 1600 x 12000 mm
materialacrylglass, LED stripes
photo creditsJakob Mueller