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Games are part of everyday culture. They can be played everywhere: at home, mobile and connected with others. They are an established medium, at the center of various subcultures and are also subject of sustained artistic inquiry. Players/designers/artists analyze and question rules, possibilities of agency and forms of expression in games and develop new forms of expression. The exhibition void Start(){Play( will show experimental games, as well as artistic comments about games.

// curated by Prof. Jonas Hansen,
Mathias Jüsche and students of Multimedia|VR-Designs

// with works of Bianca Barnekow & Martin Rudat | Aram Bartholl (Berlin) | Pippin Barr (Montreal) | Etienne Dietzel & Jakob Schreiter | Patrick Eckardt | Harun Farocki (Berlin) | //////////fur//// (Cologne) | Leonhard Gläser & Björn Ording | Jonas Hansen | Thomas Hawranke (Cologne) | Frank Lantz (New York) | Karin Lingnau (Cologne) | Mathias Nell | Felix Nickel & Victor Stockert | Feng Mengbo (Beijing) | Paidia Institute (Cologne) | RAT KING (Halle (Saale) | Katja Rempel | Stephan Rether | Tim Rumpf & Marian Schilasky | Martin Schapp | Tim Schuster | Zhiwei Wei | Tom Hanke, Sebastian Werner, Marcel Wiessler & Malte Westphalen (Halle (Saale)) | Oliver von Zweydorf


The Touch

Interactive installation, 2017 | Tim Rumpf & Marian Schilasky

Restart: A Coded Poem

Digital prints (2x), Font: Vector Feng and Monaco, 2013 | Feng Mengbo


Digital drawings, Riso print, 2018 | Pippin Barr

Parallele I

2 channel video loop, colour, 16 min., 2012 | Harun Farocki


Sculptures (2x), 40 x 31 x 18 cm, acrylic glass, filament tape, 2013 | Karin Lingnau

Fly to the Moon

Game with alternative controls, 2018 | Zhiwei Wei


Gamification application, display, webcam, 2018 | Katja Rempel

Grand Theft World

3 channel video loop, GTA5 screen capture, 2018 | Stephan Rether

Ja, mir san mit’m Radl da –
Los Santos Fahrradtour

Bicycle, PC, projector, 2018 | Tom Hanke, Sebastian Werner, Marcel Wiessler & Malte Westphalen

Leveldesign – Waldwanderung

Digital application, display, webcam, 2018 | Tim Schuster

The Peach Blossom Spring

VR application, 2017 | Mathias Nell


Game with alternative controls, 2018 | Bianca Barnekow & Martin Rudat

Button Trap

Rat Trap, Arcade Button, Electronics, 2015 | /////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces

My Voice

Game with alternative controls, 2018 | Patrick Eckardt

Eat Work Sleep Repeat

Game with alternative controls, 2018 | Martin Schapp


Game jam results

Global Dreams

Interactive installation, 2016 | Jonas Hansen


Sculpture, 36 x 33 x 4,5 cm, alumide 3D-print, 2011 | Aram Bartholl


Game, 2018 | Oliver von Zweydorff


Game, 2015/2018 | Jonas Hansen

Escapism, Episode 1

YouTube live stream, 2017 | Frank Lantz

Black Box

Cooperative VR game, 2018 | Leonhard Gläser & Björn Ording


Game, 2017 | RAT KING, Friedrich Hanisch & Jana Reinhardt with Ludwig Hanisch (music)

Paidia Laboratory: feedback

Video game installations (3x), 2011/2013 | Paidia Institute


In-game photography (3x), 100 x 56 cm, inkjet print, 2017/18 | Thomas Hawranke

Kritischer Winkel

Installation, LCD screen, digital print, 2018 | Etienne Dietzel & Jakob Schreiter


Game modification, Super Mario World, SNES, 2012 | Jonas Hansen


Game installation with gesture controls, 2016/2018 | Victor Stockert & Felix Nickel



Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 19:30

Welcoming speech
Prof. Dieter Hofmann, Rektor der BURG

Opening speech
Dr. Jule Reuter, Kuratorin der Burg Galerie
Prof. Jonas Hansen, Multimedia|VR-Design

21:00 DJ JakFou

Guided tour by the curator

Tuesday, October 25th 2018, 17:00

Guided tour through the exhibition
with Prof. Jonas Hansen


Friday, October 26th till Sunday, October 28th 2018

In two days together with students of Multimedia|VR-Design we will make playable prototypes for the exhibitions.
Start: Friday, 18:00
End presentation: Sunday, 15:00
Registration and info at:


Thursday, November 1st 2018, 16:00-19:00

A day about virtual reality. Together with F>SOCIETY (Leipzig) and Prefrontal Cortex (Halle) students of Multimedia|VR-Design will show VR-applications. Afterwards panel discussion with guests. Moderation: Stephan Rether


Thursday, November 15th 2018, 14:00-21:00

Network meeting of the game industry in cooperation with Designhaus Halle with talks, guided exhibition tour, bar camp & get together. Registration and info at: //designhaushalle.de

Guided exhibition tour

Every Sunday, 15:00
with students of Multimedia|VR-Design


Burg Gallery in the Volkspark
Burg Giebichenstein
University of Art & Design Halle
Schleifweg 8a
06114 Halle (Saale)

Opening hours daily

from 14:00-19:00
Free entrance


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